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Bolsover Infant & Nursery School


Curriculum 2020/21

This is the curriculum plan for Reception in 2020/2021. Each topic is delivered for a half term (typically 6-8 weeks). They each start with a different stimulus, whether that be a book, film, experience, visit or visitor. The teachers then plan the children's learning around this theme.

 Plans in school 

These are the topic plans for each term. The teacher's have highlighted what they would hope the children learn in each topic.

 Topic webs for Activities at home...

These are our plans for parents to support learning at home. They outline activities that can be done in the home of when the family is out and about in the community. All of these activities will offer children experiences which would support children's learning. 

Remote and Blended Learning for Reception 

The teacher will post a remote / blended learning plan below, each week. This plan will cover activities which can be carried out at home if your child can not access learning at school. 

We would ask that work, once complete, is uploaded to your child's SeeSaw journal. 

Before your child is able to complete remote or blended learning you will need to:

1. Down load the SeeSaw family app so that you can communicate with your child's class teacher

2. Down load the SeeSaw class app so that your child can upload their work for marking

3. Know how to access Maths whizz and know your child's username and password

4. Know how to access Bug Club and know your child's username and password.

5. Ensure you know the school password for the closed pages on this website.

Below is a video by the Youtube sensation Mr P explaining how SeeSaw app works:


Websites and App can be accessed from here:



There is no Remote Learning Plan for 20/11/20 as Reception children are/were in Quarantine, for the week, and were all taking part in Blended Learning via SeeSaw.