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New to School (Nursery or Reception)

As a result of COVID-19 all of our usual transition arrangements had had to change this year.

We know it is really important for young children to feel familiar with the setting, the adults and the routine, so we have made a number of different films for you to watch to help with this. Below you will find an introductory video to school from our Headteacher, Miss Cowan. You will also find all the information we think you will need for starting school. If you have any questions after reading and watching all of these things, please do not hesitate to contact our school office, they will direct your call to the correct person.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Welcome to our school from Miss Cowan our headteacher:

Please click on the picture below to watch the video:




We have a closed Facebook site for parents of our children. This site is locked to the general public and members need to tell us who they are before joining the page. We suggest that parents join this page now as it will help with keeping up to date with information, especially is opening arrangements change due to COVID-19.

Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

It is really important that you keep you phone number and email address up to date in the school office. If you have a change of number or address, please email: - please tell them your child's name and class, alongside any information that has changed. The 'Friday Note Home' is sent to your email address every Friday it tells you what is happening in the coming weeks.


We will also post information as a pop-up window on this website if anything changes over the summer.Seesaw

Once your child is in school we ask for you to download the SeeSaw app to a mobile device. We use this website to show you what your child has learnt each day. We also send message via the SeeSaw app, including the 'Friday Note Home'. 

Start Dates

Children new to our Nursery September 2021 (September)

On Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September, Nursery will only be open to those children who are moving into our Reception class on Monday 7th September, plus any children who started nursery after January 2020 (in Nursery) and will stay in Nursery until September 2021.  If your child starts nursery in September 2020, we will contact you with a start date soon.

Children New to our school in Reception in 2021 (September)

These children will start school on Thursday 3rd September. They will all be in Orange class 2020 and their teacher will be Mrs Chapman and Mrs Collins. For the first 2 days, they will have the opportunity to meet all of the Reception staff.

Children moving from Nursery 2020 (NOW) to Reception 2021 (September)

These children will attend nursery as usual on Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September. On 7th September 2020 they will move through to Reception and start the academic year 20/21.

 Preparing for school:

Here are some of the things you will need to do before September:

  • Watch the new to school film with your child.
  • Watch the Open evening film yourself
  • Prepare school uniform - Put name labels in everything including shoes, coats, hats, scarfs, gloves etc. We suggested leggings and tracksuits for children in nursery for ease of toileting. We mainly stick to black, navy, royal blue or grey. Jumpers, cardigans and/or hoodies are all ok. Most children have white, light blue or navy t-shirts. Uniform with school logo on can be sourced from many places. we recommend:
  • In hot weather they will need a sun hat and sun cream, in cold weather a hat scarf and gloves (all labelled please).
  • We will give your child a PE bag. You will need to provide shorts and plimsols. You will need to check with the office which colour t-shirt your child will need as they have different colours for different teams (but this can be done is September).
  • They will need a coat, with a hood and shoes with velcro
  • If you child still has toilet issues or is in nursery and is still in pull ups we ask you to send a change bag to leave in school. Please can you put a few pairs of pants in the bag as we will move to pants very quickly once they are settled.
  • Complete you Nursery and Reception - New to school booklet and return it to school with the white admission package and their birth certificate.
  • PE bags and Water bottles can be collected from school on September 1st between 9.30am and 11.30am and 1.30pm - 3pm 
  • At this Pop-up shop you will also be able to buy book bags, PE t-shirts and sun hats. 

We are really looking forward to your child starting with us in Nursery or main school. 


School Dinners, Start Times and Pick up times etc 

In August we will contact you again with more information about school dinners, where to come when dropping off and picking up etc. Please watch out on our Facebook or via text for this information on or before September 1st 2020. 

Videos to help with transition:

We have made a short video for you to show your child the setting and introduce the staff.

Please clip on the right video for you:

New to Nursery Introduction (for children)

Please click on the picture below to watch the video:


New To Reception Introduction (for children)

Please click on the picture below to watch the video:

New to Nursery open evening footage (for parents)

Please click on the picture below to watch the video:


New To Reception open evening footage (for parents)

Please click on the picture below to watch the video:






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